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Mission and Values


The mission of the Company is meeting the customer expectations for high quality, effective, safe and affordable pharmaceutical products in both domestic and international markets, assurance of environmentally friendly pharmaceutical manufacture, and building up a good reputation of a socially-oriented European company.


Our Company is a company of European: standards, individual style, work organization, and site improvement. It complies with international standards, produces consistent quality products, cares about the environment and the safety of the personnel and interested parties.

  • quality, efficacy and safety of Company’s products;
  • quality of leadership in management;
  • quality of providing pharmaceutical products at affordable prices;
  • quality in all the scopes of activity: research, production, marketing, commercial, financial, economic and social;
  • quality is the image of the Company and its greatest value to cherish!
  • quality in relations with customers: “The manufacturer and its customers are one team, and reliable partners”;
  • quality towards the personnel: people, their lives and health, dignity, privacy and safety, human rights and freedoms are supreme values;
  • quality towards the environment: environment protection is the key to our health;
  • quality of occupational safety and health: minimizing occupational hazards is the key to the safety of the employees and interested parties;
  • quality in management and performance of activities in the field of energy management: rational use of energy resources is our responsibility to future generations;
  • quality in the implementation of new thinking;
  • quality in communication standards and business excellence.