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New development

Production of medicinal products on the basis of herbal raw materials historically has been the visiting card of BCPP. Considering the great interest of modern market to such products BCPP aims for enlarging own product portfolio with original products of herbal origin:

  • Dermatological agents

    Herbal anti-viral medication developed under the original technology for local administration in case of treatment the infections of skin and mucous membranes caused by Herpes simplex virus of I and II types (primary and secondary) is now at the stage of clinical investigation. It is supposed that due to the herbal origin of active ingredient the product will have better safety profile.

  • Anti-diabetic agents

    A combination medicinal product consisting of herbal extracts and a natural amino acid, and having a metabolic action is currently under registration process. The medicine is used in combination therapy to treat prediabetic disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes mellitus type II. When this medication is administered as a part of basic anti-diabetic therapy, it helps improve the glucose homeostasis, lower hepatic insulin resistance, reduces oxidative stress, has an antiinflammatory action and eases the functional condition of the endothelium of microcirculatory vessels. Due to its high efficacy and good tolerance, the product is recommended for the use as an adjuvant in a combination therapy of diabetes mellitus type II or cardiovascular pathology in order to optimise the effect of the anti-diabetic therapy.