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Contacts of Representative Offices
Contacts Representative office:

Zhetisu - 3,building - 25, of – 2. Almaty, 050063, Republic of Kazakhstan


tel +7 727 313 23 34;

fax +7 727 313 23 34;

Contacts Representative office:

App.21, 7. Booz-Bozor Ave. Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent 100077 Republic of.Uzbekistan

e-mail: shvets_m@trans.com.uz

tel 99871-140-51-12;

fax 99871-140-51-12;

Contacts Representative office:

As of the date, the Representative Office of PJSC SIC "Borshchahivskiy CPP" in Belgrade (Serbia) has suspended its activities. 
The Contact Person responsible for cooperation with the European Union and the Balkan Region is:

Mіran Jablanovec,


E-mail.: mjmiran.jablanovec@gmail.com.

Contacts Representative office:

Vietnam Chief Representative

Khue Nguyen

Mob: +84 989 090 110

Email: khue@bcppvietnam.com

VN site: www.bcppvietnam.com

VN add: 5th floor, Pullman building, 40 Cat Linh str., Dongda dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.