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Panthevenol C05C A51

C05C A51

Active ingredients:

1 g of gel contains: Venorutinol (Troxerutin) - 20 mg, Dexpanthenol - 30 mg.

PANTHEVENOL is a topical anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial medicinal agent.


  • combination therapy of pain and swelling of legs in venous insufficiency;
  • post-thrombotic syndrome and post-surgical treatment of varicose veins;
  • the prophylaxis and treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis, leg ulcer in local circulation failure;
  • closed injuries (including sports injuries) including haemorrhages, haematomas, bruises, sprains;
  • skin injuries such as scratches, cracks, burns, aseptic surgical wounds, surgical scars, scar indurations, trophic ulcer, bedsores, cracked nipples, irritation in skin folds.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

gel 40 g in tube and package.

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