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Nitrosorbid Isosorbide dinitrate / C01D А08

Isosorbide dinitrate / C01D А08

Active ingredients:

Isosorbide Dinitrate - 10 mg.

NITROSORBID is one of the major antianginal organic nitrates for oral use. It lowers the tone of the peripheral veins. The medicine reduces the venous flow of blood to the heart, the pressure in the vessels of pulmonary circulation.


NITROSORBID is used in:

  • prophylaxis and treatment of anginal attack or post-infarction angina;
  • an adjunctive treatment in the management of severe acute or chronic congestive cardiac failure in combination with cardiac glycosides and diuretics.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

tablets 10 mg, 10 tablets in blister, 4 blisters in package.