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Active substance:

1 capsule contains plant extract Climaflav (dry extract of hop inflorescences) calculated with reference to 8-PN-0.2 mg.

The following is the information on the properties of Climaflav, dietary supplement, and its components:

The active ingredient of dietery supplement Climaflav is the dry extract of hop inflorescences with its most active prenyl flavonoid of 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN), which can produce pronounced oestrogen-like effect, which allows using it for the treatment of estrogen deficiency during the menopause period.

Climaflav is a dietary supplement, which can be used to:

- improve symptoms of climacteric syndrome;

- normalise age-related changes in hormone production during menopauses;

- normalise psychological and emotional mood in women during menopauses;

- lessen cardiovascular disorders in postmenopausal women;

- improve general performance efficiency and attention concentration.

Recommendations for use:

This dietary supplement may be recommended for consumption in a diet as an additional source of phytoestrogens to mitigate climacteric disorders such as weakness (increased fatigue), hot flushes, dizziness, palpitations, irritability, anoxious feeling, decrease in general functioning, decrease in memory, impaired attention concentration, insomnia, nervousness, discomfort in joints and muscles.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

Cylindrical opaque solid gelatine capsules with hemispherical ends, with a white cap and body; 60 capsules per container.