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Vinboron®  A03A X

A03A X

Active substance:

20 or 40 mg of vinboron.

VINBORON is a synthetic drug that has local anaesthetic and pronounced antispasmodic effects. It reduces the tone and motility of smooth muscles, relieves or prevents spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs, including the digestive tract. This medicine dilates the coronary and cerebral vessels, thus, improves coronary and cerebral blood flow; in chronic use it produces anti-sclerotic effect. Vinboron has mild thrombolytic effect, and mild broncholytic and immunostimulating effects.


VINBORON is used as an antispasmodic agent to treat digestive tract diseases:

  • disorders of the gall bladder and Oddi's sphincter (hyperkinetic biliary dyskinesia, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction);
  • irritable bowel syndrome with constipation.

The drug is used in combination therapy of cerebral circulation disorders.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

Film-coated tablets 20 mg or 40 mg; 10 tablets in blister, 1 or 4 blisters in package.