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Vetmecol QD 03 АХ

QD 03 АХ

Active ingredients:

1 g of ointment contains: chloramphenicol 7.5 mg, methyluracil 40 mg.

It is a combination medication for topical use that has antimicrobial, reparative and anti-inflammatory effects. Chloramphenicol in the composition of the product has an antimicrobial effect; the mechanism of its action is inhibition of microorganism protein synthesis. Methyluracil accelerates cell regeneration, healing of wounds and it also has anti-inflammatory effects. The polyethylene oxide base absorbs wound effluent, potentiates the activity of the healing agents. The antibacterial effect of the drug persists even in presence of pus or necrotic masses.


  • this product is indicated in the treatment of infections of injured soft tissues, caused by susceptible organisms in dogs, cats and horses.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

ointment, Aluminium tubes, 40 g.