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Kvadro QD 06 C

QD 06 C

Active ingredients:

1 g of powder contains: gentamicin sulphate 0.024 g, L-tryptophan 0.014 g, zinc sulphate heptahydrate 0.010 g, methoxone 0.952 g.

Kvadro is a combination antimicrobial prolonged-action medication for topical use. It contains aminoglycoside gentamicin sulphate, organosilicon sorbent polymethylsiloxane (methoxone), and zinc/tryptophan coordination compound.


  • treatment of post-traumatic or post-surgery wounds and (including post-castration wounds in piglets), burns, ulcers, exudative dermatitis, caused by microorganisms susceptible to the active ingredients of the medication in dogs, cats, horses and swine.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

Powder for application to the skin; plastic vials 2 g, 1 vial in a carton.