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Corvitin® C05C X

C05C X

Active ingredients:

quercetin complex with polyvinyl pyrrolidone - 0.5 g.

CORVITIN is a bioflavonoid, capillary stabilizer and antioxidant agent in metabolic processes.


  • Complex therapy of acute coronary circulation disorder and myocardial infarction.
  • Complex therapy during decompensation of chronic heart failure.
  • Complex therapy of acute ischemic cerebrovascular disease (ischemic stroke, transitory ischemic attacks) and chronic brain ischemic diseases.
  • Treatment and prevention of reperfusion syndrome during surgical treatment of patients suffering from obliterating atherosclerosis of abdominal aorta and peripheral arteries.
  • In a combination therapy of pneumonia caused by coronavirus infection COVID-19 in adults.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

lyophilizate for injection 0.5 g in vials, 5 vials in cassette, 1 cassette in case.

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