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Allochol A05A X

A05A X

Active ingredients:

dry or condensed bile - 80 mg, dried garlic - 40 mg, nettle lleaves - 5 mg, activated charcoal - 25 mg.

ALLOCHOL improves the secretory function of hepatocytes (primary liver cells); it has a mild choleretic action and stimulates the synthesis of bile acids. It improves secretory and motor functions of the gastrointestinal tract by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms and abnormal fermentation in the intestines.


As part of complex treatment of:

  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • uncomplicated cholelithiasis (gallstones);
  • gallbladder dyskinesia;
  • postcholecystectomy syndrome;
  • slow transit constipation, and uncomplicated gallbladder cholesterolosis.

Dosage and pharmaceutical form:

film-coated tablets, 10 or 50 tablets in blister; 10 tablets in blister, 5 blisters in package; 180 tablets in container and package.